It’s May, must be spring finally

Finally!  Spring!  Despite the chill, I can feel summer coming.

Why is it that cherry blossoms bring people out to lounge beneath them? I wonder if it’s an evolutionary survival mechanism. (April 27, 2012, Kungstradgarden)

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom at the Kungstradgarden about a week ago, and the tourists and Swedes were out in full force.  It’s funny how the good weather makes this city feel alive.

The Kulturhuset puts its art back out once the weather gets better…

(… context for the climbing Kultur woman above.)

My colleagues and I had lunch in the cemetery behind the office midweek, sitting on the lawn amid the tiny spring white flowers that have carpeted the place.  The sun made it feel like hot weather, even though it’s been consistently around or below 15°C, in the 50s and 60s Farenheit, and we were all lounging with our shoes off by the end of an hour. (Sorry, Mom, I did not get photographic evidence of the sunbathers — yes, women were out in bikinis in the cemetery!)

Flowers to come… I hope!

We splurged on a flower box. It’s cheaper than buying a flat with a balcony here in Stockholm.

I got optimistic and planted some flower seeds in a window box, and I’m trying to sprout some tomato plants in the kitchen. I was thinking of trying the trick of hanging them in a bag, so they grow hanging upside down, but I will probably just put them in a hanging pot once they sprout. (Tomatoes are amazing: I recommend reading Tomatoland for a well-reported diatribe on how these delicious and incredibly varied fruits ended up as the tasteless rocks you can buy in grocery stores in the developed world.)

And a true sign that it’s definitely spring: Matt and I headed out on a longish bike ride Saturday afternoon.  We made it to the end of Lidingö, and sat on the rocky beach, smelling the salt water and talking in the hot sun.  Eventually the warm air kicked up a steady wind — which made for a good workout riding home against the wind, on a beautiful day.

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