Things that emerge in May

Certainly, May flowers make this list, first and foremost. Here in Sweden (just like Minnesota!), it’s the lilacs, or syr (pronounced “soor”) of so many shades!

Lilac-colored lilacs

Also like Minnesota, rhubarb:

Matt prepping rhubarb for the freezer, to be cooked later…


Out of storage and into the light! (Other cars that emerge in spring tend to be well-tended Chevys and other beautiful 1950s beasts.)

The tulips are almost gone, and I’m sure that the sunbathers, too, have withdrawn, now that it’s raining today, on this last day of May…

Tulips at Humlegarden

But when it’s sunny, it is GLORIOUS.  Aah, me, June in Stockholm!

Skansen from across the canal. Oh yeah, boats are another category of things that emerge in spring…

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One Response to Things that emerge in May

  1. zurichsee says:

    Oh! And I forgot one more thing that starts to emerge in May — the graduation floats, carrying teenagers celebrating the equivalent of high school graduation… the classes rent flatbed trucks and drive through Stockholm, singing and yelling, with music blaring and base thumping, sometimes with beer. Fun.

    I dare you to click through to YouTube:

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