Passing a Pedersen While Prepping for a 10k

On Sunday afternoon, I took a semi-leisurely run in the park.  I knew I needed to go at least 8 km, and would be happy to go 10 km but I was not planning to push myself.

Which meant that I stopped to take some photos!  I am particularly pleased to have seen my first in-the-metal (so to speak) Pedersen on the trail.

My apologies to the man in this photo — I did not tell him he would end up on my blog. But lookit that bike! (And the cute dog on the trailer in the back!) Click through for a higher-resolution image.

If you want to know more, and even if you don’t, you have to read this story by Florence William, it is a brilliant explanation of the bikes and the obsession that grips the people who own them:  I have promised Matt, who noticed the hammock-like seat, that the next time he has a meeting in Copenhagen, I am tagging along so we can go find these in Christiana.

Speaking of Matt, on Sunday afternoon, as promised, he met me halfway at the bridge in the park that marks a turnaround point.  Well, almost — I paused to snap a photo him crossing the bridge, which meant I missed actually meeting him.  Then he took off to the island side and I went in the other direction along the shore, so I could run home through the woods.

Matt on the bridge at the end of the canal that leads to the Baltic. Click through for higher-res.

It was a lovely run, on a really beautiful cool, gray day.  And in the end, literally, Matt caught up to me as we approached home.  We hit the 10-km mark at roughly the same place and time on the middle running/walking/biking path along Valhallavagen.  But I started out at least 15 minutes before he did.  Sigh.

Anyway, I now feel confident that I can finish the 10k this coming Saturday if I go slow and steady — it’s just going to take me a little over an hour.  And I won’t take any photos.  I also have decided that there are no half-marathons in my near future.  Maybe next year…

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