Ubiquitous Coffee

Yes, my family sends me Peet’s coffee. Yes, that’s an embarrassing snobby habit I have. And yes, to my consternation, I know Peet’s is related to Starbucks.

I’ve been wondering about this since we moved here: How come there are only two Starbucks stores in the whole of Sweden?

I’ve been seeing the slow incursion of the company’s coffee drinks in the grocery stores here in Stockholm, but so far, no storefronts aside from the one in the airport. With Waynes Coffee and other “native” chains, I thought maybe Starbucks had decided the market was saturated.  But Swedes drink *so* much coffee — for fika at 10 am, at 3 pm, all day long — the coffee giant is making the plunge, finally, according to the Wall Street Journal.

I still don’t understand the delay — but I wonder if it’s buried in this story, the whole idea that high labor costs in Scandinavia are to blame.  I had speculated on protectionism and other political issues, but maybe it just comes down to employment taxes the company would have to pay here.

I’m not looking forward to a Starbucks on every corner, but I am curious to see how much they will charge for a latte.

My big question is this:  Now that Peet’s is owned by a German company, when are they coming????

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