Sunday afternoon run in the park

Color!!! Happy fall!

Fall leaves! Cold, clear, blue sky!  Tons of herons at the rookery! What a day for a 10k.  Thank goodness it wasn’t a race, as I had to stop many times to take photos.

At one point, I even had to stop to gang way for a boat, on its way to winter storage.

Boatyard, with tracks for the cart that carries the boats, with one being push uphill by a tractor.

Today was my first run where I didn’t *want* to stop and had to, not just for photos, but for traffic, stoplights, mud puddles… people. People were everywhere, walking on the paths, relaxing on benches, sitting outside cafés, walking the paths in the Djurgården (even though I didn’t manage to snap pictures with them in the frame). I felt a bit funny running past them, as I know I used to think runners were crazy people, back when I was a pedestrian.

I couldn’t help thinking: it was so nice to pass all these lovely places in the space of an hour, to go all over the park, and feel the cool air in my lungs and get that endorphin high… under blue skies with changing trees and leaves carpeting the ground… but if I had been walking, I would have stopped to poke around in the pipes under a historic house, pick some flowers, maybe have a coffee and some kanelbullar.  I still managed to run past some beautiful flowers and changing trees, in all their fiery finery.

Ah, fall!  Lovely!

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