Second 10k!

Another personal best!  It’s so easy to do when you have only run two races.  This time, I ran 56:43, a minute or so faster than my first [Done! (58:22)].

Hasselbyloppet was kind of a hike to get to, and this run was less hilly than our first.  Amazingly, my 9th kilometer was my fastest. I was following this tiny, fast, older woman who took two steps to my own and just left me in the dust at the end. But following her made me go faster than I would have.

It was pretty fun! And the best part? It didn’t rain! (It would have been nice to have had yesterday’s blue skies, but I’m grateful for what we had.)



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One Response to Second 10k!

  1. zurichsee says:

    Did I mention that it was also our third wedding anniversary? So romantic… !

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