First Snow: Mixed Feelings

Snow, grass, headstones. October 25, 2012

Thursday night, huge thick flakes fell on the cemetery behind my office building, and stuck in the green grass for a day or so.  The yellow leaves continued to fall, as did the temperature.

It’s been a lovely autumn, despite the growing dark and drizzle: warm enough to keep biking comfortably, some sunny days amid the rainy ones, and green grass under the piles of bright autumn leaves.  That’s going to end soon.

From a bike ride about a week and a half ago.

After that snow, it’s been only a few degrees (C) the past few days, and the flowers in the flowerbox wilted after last night’s freeze.  I’m reluctant to go out to run or bike, even though I know I would be fine in the sun.  I had a conversation with a woman training for the winter marathon here, and she mentioned she has to get running shoes with spikes on the bottom.  Matt and I will go swimming later today; Matt because he needs to stay off his Achilles’ tendon, and me because I don’t feel like running in the cold!

But I have mixed feelings:  The cold has yet to drive me to get out my down coat or heavy wool jackets.  But that may be for other reasons. We are leaving soon for a round-the-world tour; first stop, North America, and eventually on to Brisbane, Australia, where we both will work for a few months, and hopefully tour around.

Every time the weather here sucks, one of us will pipe up: Hey! Let’s go to Australia!  And our friends and colleagues are looking at us knowingly. We will be missing November here in Stockholm, which is arguably the worst month, as it gets colder and darker, with very little snow to brighten things up.  And we will miss the beginning of the agonizingly long wait for spring.

But we will also miss thick snowfalls, and ice skating on the rink near our house, and cozy evenings at home, and friends, and the comfort of our everyday working schedules.

I usually just mention that I am going to miss ice skating, and people look at me funny.  Spending a Swedish winter in Australia, during the southern hemisphere’s high summer, earns me no sympathy here as winter approaches!

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