A day of firsts

We had a great first day of 2013! (Happy New Year!)  Some highlights:

  • First koala sighting, midmorning.
  • First dip in the Pacific on the West Side, and a trip to the first landing site of the folks settling Brisbane.
  • First fruit bat, early evening.

Matt and I ventured to the southerly end of the Purple Line, last stop: Cleveland (~$10 roundtrip). Then a quick 20 minute water taxi to the island of North Stradbroke (~$20 roundtrip), and a bus to the other side (~$10 roundtrip), where the beaches are lovely (and free!), at the most easterly point of Australia. 

Of course, there was a rip tide that closed a few of the beaches, but we had a rousing bit of body surfing at Cylinder Beach.  Even Matt (6 feet tall!) was pulled off his feet by the incoming waves.  Fun! (I was impressed to find that rescuers are volunteers, in addition to Lifeguards; Matt was reminded of the ski patrol back home in the Canadian Rockies.)

I have no pictures to share immediately – I’ll post some tomorrow, I promise. In the meantime, I’m a bit sunburned and pooped.


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One Response to A day of firsts

  1. Lila says:


    And that’s a pretty spectacular photo… no need to apologize.

    So envious!

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