Hobart half-day and home again

My last morning in Hobart, MS and I headed down to the center of town and the Saturday morning market at Salamanca.  If Lonely Planet is right, then this street and square are named after some British military victory in Spain (Lord Nelson comes to mind), with no connection whatsoever to Hobart.  Now the street and square are cool commerce centers, with stores tucked into the old sandstone buildings and on Saturday mornings, rows of stalls line the street, selling clothing, used books, woodworking and silver, and a wide assortment of other stuff, with the occasional vegetable stand (the original purpose of the market) thrown in.

After we had our fill of the crowds, we caught the free shuttle back to the center and stopped at the Lark whiskey distillery store, where I purchased a small sample of some local Tasmanian whiskey.  I tucked it in my carry-on bag, secure in the knowledge that it would not be a problem — it is that relaxed here in Australia, and trust me, I’m ruminating on a whole post on the subject of airport security.  This trip was totally eye-opening.

So, I promised photos, and while I did not take as many or as high-quality as I’d wished, I do have a few to share below. Below are shots of the cathedral, the wharf filled with wooden boats in town for the regatta weekend, artworks from MONA (to see more of the Museum of Old and New Art, look here: http://www.mona.net.au/what’s-on/exhibitions/), rock shots from the first day’s field trip to the top of Mt. Wellington, street shots from Sandy Bay, and more.


Eroding hard rocks (dolerite) from a fieldtrip up Mt. Wellington, Hobart.


Fieldtrip stop! Quick, everyone out of the car for a peek!


Peat in hand, from the top of Mt. Wellington. This would burn if ignited. And it would also make whiskey taste smokey, unignited…


Peat in place, with Leatherman tool for scale. Fieldtrip!!


Viewing building at the top of Mt. Wellington, at the end of the trail that was built in a kind of public works project like the one in the US depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).


“Lollipop” erosion at the top of Mt. Wellington above Hobart. It’s pretty hard rock.


Mmmm. Wallaby burgers, lamb, and more tasty local meat…


Tasmanian cheeses at the MONA cafe. Mmmmmm. Don’t look at the prices at the top.


Smoke from the nearby fire, taken from the MONA ferry back to downtown.


Fake ice! Real skates! Downtown Hobart, mid-summer.


Almost purchased some for the family. At Salamanca market.


Wine made at MONA. How chi-chi is this?!


Bottom basement floor at MONA: SANDSTONE!!! You can see the cross-bedding!

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IMG-20130209-00777 IMG-20130209-00789 IMG-20130209-00793

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