Eating Australian

Local goodies...

Local goodies…

We’ve been having meals entirely from Australia: lamb sausage and ribs, sweet potatoes and white nectarines, salad — even the olive oil and BBQ sauces are Australian.

Folks here seem rather proud about this, as they should be.  We picked up a bag of avocados from a roadside stand outside of town on one of our excursions for a few bucks.  The oranges in the grocery are labeled from here.

This makes me wonder:  Is there enough water, are the farming practices here sustainable?  Does that make up for the “food miles” part, where a lot of stuff is local and therefore has a lower carbon footprint?


Two-buck chuck! Milk has to be subsidized here…

This equation, interestingly enough, doesn’t hold for the wine and beer.  For some reason, foreign beer is about the same price as local — which is expensive!  And the wine is cheap!  With the exception of the stuff that I think of as cheap when I am at home abroad, like the Yellowtail or Rosemount.  I have yet to find out why.  The only thing I can guess at the moment is that beer is the alcoholic drink of choice, and therefore folks are willing to pay a bit more for it… and wine is special, but not that special.

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One Response to Eating Australian

  1. zurichsee says:

    Ah, I forgot to give prices — a good bottle of wine is about 10 bucks. The Yellowtail is around $15 to $20 AUD I think… Sierra Nevada: $25 AUD for a 6 pack. Forty bucks for a case of something more local…

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