Blogging Break

Oh my, I haven’t blogged in so long that I had forgotten my password to get into WordPress.

I suppose I should apologize for the unexpected break in blog posts.  I went to Scotland for three weeks not long ago, for a week of work and then two weeks of touring.  I meant to stay in touch (really, I did!), and I did somewhat — you know, the usual, clearing one’s inbox of useless things where possible, posting a few photos to friends and family via email.

But first, I got off Facebook.  One week of conference, and I hadn’t checked it.  Two weeks of travel, and I still hadn’t logged in. I got home and I figured: why not go for four weeks?  Or maybe five?

I managed to actually do that.  I’ve been pondering what that means:  I lost track of the details of certain friends’ lives who post all the time (you know who you are!).  And that made me feel disconnected a bit.  But I heard from them through other routes (email mostly, some phone calls), and that alleviated by Facebook fretting.

And what’s interesting is that I seem to have reset my addiction to Facebook:  After going cold turkey, I now check the site less often than I did.  I used to be on there several times a day: now I’m on there several times a week.  How strange!

I’m guessing I will be back on Facebook more often soon.  I hope I will be blogging more often again soon too!

Just for a quick update:  It’s summer in Sweden!  We had several hot days in a row, which led one of my colleagues to reminisce about the Hot Summer of 1994.  Whoa.  It’s cool again now, somewhere in the 60s Farenheit, 20s Celsius.  I”m trying to get back into a work groove while also trying to feel like I am on summer vacation.  Not quite possible, but … well, I’ll post some summer reports later.

Trevlig Sommar!

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