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Religiosity in northern latitudes

A colleague of mine at this part-time gig I’ve picked up mentioned yesterday that she is fasting. I immediately said: “Oh! Happy Ramadan!” To which another colleague responded, you can’t really say “happy” for Ramadan, can you? You can’t really. … Continue reading

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Summerish Stockholm

I’ve been complaining about the weather. ¬†We’ve had fine clear blue skies, strikingly hot sunlight, a day of rain now and again, and temperatures around 25 deg C (somewhere in the upper 70s F). Fine weather. I’m freezing. I can’t … Continue reading

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Back on Track (sort of)

I went running yesterday for the first time in *ages* — since we were in Australia, when it was super hot and I think I nearly died. (I exaggerate, but really, it was not much fun.) Since then, I’ve been … Continue reading

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