Back on Track (sort of)

I went running yesterday for the first time in *ages* — since we were in Australia, when it was super hot and I think I nearly died. (I exaggerate, but really, it was not much fun.) Since then, I’ve been walking (in preparation for that Scotland walk I did with my mom in May) and riding my bike, mostly for commuting purposes.

So, this run. I took a new path that led me to our old neighborhood in Gärdet, then back through the Djurgarden and one of my old familiar paths home. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The sun was shining and the weather gorgeous; Stockholm is having a relative heatwave, hitting 25°C and maybe more (that’s upper 70s F, I think), hotter than any day last summer I am betting.  And still, it’s lovely to run here in the cool breezes and shade, with the Scandinavian sun illuminating everything: the sunbathers, the volleyball players (pic below!), the trees and animals and people.

I felt good, despite breathing heavily for the first few kilometers, and feeling slow the last few (ironically, I went about the same speed the whole way, according to Endomondo). And then my knees started hurting and this morning I am having a hard time walking. (But really, it’s a good pain!)

When I complained, Matt reminded me that you have to get back in practice.  (Same thing for blogging — I swear I’m going to get back in practice! See previous post.)  So with that in mind, Matt signed us up for some more races later this year.  Whee!  I guess I have to keep running…

Gärdet non-beach volleyball

Gärdet non-beach volleyball

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