Sicklaloppet 2.0

Near the start: at least it wasn't raining.

Near the start: at least it wasn’t raining.

Matt and I ran the Sicklaloppet, second year in a row, yesterday afternoon.  I was fairly nervous, but less so than last year, which felt like my first real running race.  The run felt easier this year; my time was about 30 seconds slower (58:45), but I felt more in control.

Until the dehydration set in later that afternoon. Ugh.

Bathroom lineup

Bathroom lineup

This year, I guess I still stressed myself out quite a bit, despite feeling better prepared. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom beforehand (or in line for the bathroom). My bottom line is that I never, ever want to have to stop and poop in the woods in the middle of a race.

So, I emptied myself out but then failed to drink enough liquids before starting the race. By yesterday evening, despite drinking tea and an “isotonic sports drink,” I had a fever of 101.5 F. (That’s about 38 or 39 C. I may have freaked out the advice nurse on the phone, I think — she had to ask me the scale of my thermometer, as I had completely forgotten it was in Farenheit!)

Click through on the image to see it bigger; look for the expression on Matt's face.  And that's before he ate any...

Click through on the image to see it bigger; look for the expression on Matt’s face. And that’s before he ate any…

I blame the sürströmming.  Well, that and the shots of aquavit (40% alcohol) that we drank with the sürströmming (sour herring, which is basically rotting fish in a can) on Friday evening. The traditional alcohol, I suspect, serves to cover its foul smell (and taste, though the Swedes with us were really enjoying the taste — I was enjoying the potatoes, cheese, créme fraîche and other delicious items under and around the herring).  We spent a lot of time talking about the joys of rotten food in places where you don’t necessarily have refrigeration.  I forgot to pay attention to the amount of alcohol I was imbibing that was probably pickling my liver and drying me out.

That won’t happen again.  And I’m going to start hydrating days before I run a race — if I ever run another one!

I was even pondering if I’ll ever run again.  But the weather today was so fine and fall-like, I was tempted to go for a trot to see if I could get rid of the muscle cramps in my legs.  However, my gastrointestinal tract is STILL cramping today (my fever is gone — yay, acetaminaphen! yay!). Considering I really wasn’t standing up so straight, I decided against it.

So I’m sitting here on the couch instead.  (New couch! Yay!)  Maybe I’ll go running tomorrow…

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