Tic Tik Tick

Soooooo, I’m a bit of a hypochondriac.  Not full-flaming hospital-visiting always-sick hypochondriac, but I do worry.  And when I found a tick in my bellybutton recently, latched on with particular stubbornness, I had a moment of, shall we say, panic.

But as one says in Swedish: inte panick!  I had no targeted bull’s eye rash around the bite, the little mite didn’t have any blood in her (which makes me think she died before she could have gotten around to transmitting anything), and while I felt sick recently, I haven’t had all-out flu-like symptoms.  I finally went to ask a doctor about it, and he said to me that I seemed pretty healthy, given that I had recently run a 10k.

SO, no Lyme disease, babesiosis, or incipient encephalitis from any tick-borne bacteria, viruses, protozoans, etc. that cause these wonderful diseases.

But I finally have an explanation as to why medical people paused for a moment every time I said, “I got bitten by a bug, you know, a tick?” It turns out that the word tik is Swedish for female dog or bitch.  I know this now, as I sit here beside Matt who is perusing Blocket.se (the equivalent of Craig’s List in the US) looking at apartment listings, furniture, bicycles, dishes, and, yes, puppies for sale.

Anyone want a vuxna tik chihuahua?  She lives in the neighborhood and can be yours for something like 8,000 SEK ($1200 USD).


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One Response to Tic Tik Tick

  1. Lila says:

    yikes! And hah, No thanks on the $1200 tik.

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