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Matt and I snuck out onto Kungsgatan today, to see the holiday lights and maybe pick up some last-minute trinkets before we head to see our families this week.


We didn’t buy much:  two power cords and two coffees, and two bagels to eat later. The cords cost 30 SEK apiece. The coffees cost 30 SEK apiece. And the bagels? Two for 30 SEK total.

I am most shocked by the bagels. The cords were incredibly cheap, and I assume made in China, but I might be beyond being surprised by how inexpensive mass-produced plastic items can be. I am still a little (pleasantly?) surprised to find something so useful at such a low cost here in Sweden. The price of the coffees seems reasonable here (Wayne’s, the Starbucks-like chain, charges about the same).

But I confess my eyebrows went up when the guy at Bagel Street Cafe said 15 kronor for each sesame bagel. That’s about $2.25. Plain. No schmear, nada. My favorite bagels in the world come from Absolute Bagels on the Upper West Side in New York. An everything with schmear is definitely less than two bucks — that’s with the cream cheese and lox!!

We will be having our bagels for supper tonight with eggs and *lax* and onions. And some Philadelphia brand cream cheese that is not as thick in consistency as the stuff from home. Why is food such a nexus of memory and desire? l now really want an Absolute bagel (which entails being in New York or course!).

I plan to continue the “best bagel in the world” argument with my brother-in-law while we are in Montreal visiting next month. Updates to come, and happy new year!

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