200 years old

Restoration work: repetitive, requires patience and a blowdryer.

Restoration work: repetitive, requires patience and a blowdryer.

I have been working in an old building on Södermalm for the past few years. We are about to move to a new office, as another business expands to take over our floor in the old building, which is owned by the city of Stockholm. In preparation, Stockholmstad has hired a construction company and contractors to refurbish the old.

This morning, while I walked through the courtyard to take the bake entrance, and stumbled across a guy blow drying a door.  He paused now and again to scrape off old paint, and I stopped to ask, “How old is the door?”  I couldn’t believe it when he said, “Two hundred years.”


Old and new: paint, lacquer, wood.

The guy works for Larsson och Örnmark, a painting and restoration company.  As per Stadsmuseet, they had been pulling up the old doors left in the basement, and had refit them with new wood to fit today’s larger doorframes, while maintaining the ragged-edged shape of the older doors within.  The guy told me that the doors had been repainted several times, obviously, with maybe a layer of latex paint, or linoleum based paint. An old underlying layer of “lack” (lacquer) preserved the wood beneath.

For two hundred years.

I guess I shouldn’t feel so old.

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One Response to 200 years old

  1. Mom says:

    what is linoleum based paint? I looked it up and found out that the end result of the use of “linoleum” paint is a, you guessed it, linoleum finish such as one uses on a floor. Fascinating stuff you come up with, Naomi.

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