Spring, sprung

Swedish word of the day: springa (v), run.
Conjugated: sprang, sprungit, spring, springa, springer

On 21 March: my first spring run and the first time I’ve run in a long time after having a lingering cold. I’m still coughing now and again and full of gross mucus, but I felt well enough and it was warm enough that I needed to get outside and go.

I took a leisurely run down Valhallavagen and into the Djurgården. Blustery wind kept me cool in the shade, but the spring sun made me feel warm once I got to the open space of the former military grounds.  It was hot!  I momentarily regretted wearing my black running tights, until I had to stop and walk to get a bit of a rest.  Then the black tights’ sun-absorbing properties were welcome.

I had the pleasant thought while I was out on the trail that this was just the beginning of the season. A few more runs, and I will be breathing more easily, hitting my pace better, without the need to stop and rest.  And soon, when I can run farther faster, I will get out to the outer reaches of the park, to run along the water, pass the heron rookery, thread my way through the soon-to-be green woods that are so naked at the moment —

Yesterday, on what I think of as my “second run of the season,” I questioned that pleasant thought:  My right ankle and knee kept up a steady painful chatter, and afterward, I was so, so tired, exhausted even, well into the evening.

But running will get better soon as I get stronger.  So, I’m still looking forward to more spring weather and summer running!  Matt’s already looking at races we might sign up for… I’m hoping I stay motivated!

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