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Hot running

Yesterday evening, Matt and I ran the Kvartmarathon* here in Stockholm. It was hot! I drank aaallll the sport drink that they handed us at the turnaround point — I didn’t want to repeat the dehydration experience I had last … Continue reading

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Seeking Shade in Stockholm

Usually I am searching for sun in Stockholm. But yesterday during my run in the Djurg√•rden, I was desperate for shade. As I pounded across a wide open field, the sun beat down on me and I felt so hot. … Continue reading

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Skeptical Soccer Cynicism (or: The Big Green Grasshopper)

Perhaps it’s all the rolling around to waste time by soccer (football) players who are obviously unhurt. Or maybe it’s my distrust of the Internet (see: The Pocket Guide to B.S. Detection). But when Matt showed me the photo of … Continue reading

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