Seeking Shade in Stockholm

Usually I am searching for sun in Stockholm. But yesterday during my run in the Djurgården, I was desperate for shade.

As I pounded across a wide open field, the sun beat down on me and I felt so hot. I found myself wondering how, exactly, I had survived running in California (80s to 90s F) and Minnesota (humid! and 80s F) last month. And how could it be so hot in Stockholm, when the temperature was a mere 22 deg C (72 deg F) ?

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, without scientific proof of any kind: the light here in Sweden is different. It may be 60 or 70 deg F, but in the full sunlight, you can feel hot, even burnt and toasted.

On Friday, the first sunny day after what felt like weeks of rain, Matt and I played hookie from work to sit on the “beach” near our apartment. And yesterday was stunning: a cool breeze, blue sky with occasional wispy clouds… and sun, so much sun. No wonder Swedes (and I) can get so brown. I just have to run in the woods…

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