Hot running

Yesterday evening, Matt and I ran the Kvartmarathon* here in Stockholm. It was hot! I drank aaallll the sport drink that they handed us at the turnaround point — I didn’t want to repeat the dehydration experience I had last year at the Sicklaloppet.

Now, hot for Stockholm is something like 25°C, or around 77°F.  For the rest of the global South, that’s quite pleasant.  But here it’s hot (again, I plead special sunlight, but that’s just me).  Today, the highs will be closer to 30°C or 86°F, triggering a “level 2” warning from the Swedish meteorological administration.

Matt and I will have to go for a recovery run and a swim in the Baltic to survive.  No one here has AC, including my office.  I am going to argue that I need to take the afternoon off to keep cool.  Ah, summer!

*The Kvartmarathon is a quarter marathon, so something like 10.5 km or something just over 7 miles. The race started at 7 pm from Zinkensdam and the ball courts at the public gardens and sports facility there — Matt did this race last year and persuaded me I wanted to this year.

We ran down to the water through all the folks swimming in the late afternoon light, and then up over the bridge next to the trains heading north/south from Södermalm, down under the bridge on the other side into the shady forest. Then, past more people barbecuing along the water and swimming in the Årstaviken … usually the race goes all the way around the water, but we went up and down the hilly trail at the water’s edge, to the other bridge to turn around and then back along the same wide dusty, mostly paved track, with music occasionally for pacing (as I went past one boat club, they were playing Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “Sixteen Tons” — perfect).  

Matt told me later that the lead runners were misled by the bicyclists showing them the way — they went only 7 km.  He saw a few of them running it again, and they probably finished before I did.

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