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Small signs of strangeness

Small things have been highlighting big differences between my life in Stockholm and Boulder — like having a garbage disposal in the sink. You can’t get these in Sweden, as far as I can tell. I have a friend in … Continue reading

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Ikea in Colorado

I’m heading to IKEA today, but not in Sweden — I am spending 9 months in Colorado for a work assignment, and where else does one go for cheap easy furniture but IKEA? It was weird to leave Sweden a … Continue reading

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Déjà visat

Permanent residents.  What a phrase! I was shocked when I first figured out that the Migrationsverket had granted us this visa status.  I was panicking a bit, as I am wont to do, as the deadline for my working and … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s News

I would promise not to post about the weather ever again, but I cannot help it.  Stockholm has been experiencing recordbreaking heat this summer (31°C last Tuesday evening!). And then the newspaper yesterday reported record crops this past year for … Continue reading

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