Ikea in Colorado

I’m heading to IKEA today, but not in Sweden — I am spending 9 months in Colorado for a work assignment, and where else does one go for cheap easy furniture but IKEA?

It was weird to leave Sweden a few days ago: The summer has been stunning, and I felt homesick for the last week I was there. We have some friends who decided to move to Germany this year as well, and they moaned about how much easier it would have been to leave in midwinter, in the darkest gloomiest time of year. I sympathize.

But I’m here in Boulder now and it is still summer, while Stockholm is turning to fall. I have been to a farmers market, to brunch with a friend, BBQ’d on the backyard patio — all of these things that I miss in Sweden. Plus: Boulder has mountains. My word, the Flatirons are amazing. I’ve not yet moved into my apartment, but it’s huge — two bedrooms, two baths, with a bike path out the back. Also, the faint order of pot, as it seems one of the neighbors works for one of the newly legal medical marijuana dispensaries in town — this will be an interesting experience!

The biggest problem: I will miss Matt tremendously. We have done the long-distance thing before, but not this long — I want to cry every time I think about it, even though I know it will be fine. I comfort myself a bit by thinking that he gets to eat popcorn and cereal for supper any time he wants, and I can do laundry as often as I want. And we have Skype. But it’s not the same…

I am debating about how often I will be posting here, as I am no longer in the fourteen islands of Stockholm. I might update elsewhere, and I am sure to write here about IKEA. (!)

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