Snow Run

Am I hardcore yet?

IMG_20160109_142407I ran in the snow both Saturday and Sunday. No snowshoes, no skis — just running! Marvelous!

It was about -10°C (14°F) on Saturday, and closer to -1°C (30°F) on Sunday. I wore my new MEC winter running pants both days, but strangely felt colder on Sunday, the warmer of the two runs. (I suspect it’s because I wore cotton underwear — lesson relearned: Cotton kills! Plastic is best when sweating in cold weather. But cotton is best when sweating in hot weather… I digress.)

My regular running shoes, an old pair of Asics on Saturday and Brooks on Sunday, did just fine. I found myself moving very cautiously in the snow, slipping occasionally on the warmer day, and aiming for the spots that had been sprinkled with gravel by the park trail maintenance folks.

I did wonder if I’d be more confident in my stride with winter shoes that have spikes in the sole, but I’m not going to shell out the big bucks for that. Our gear is so specialized these days — certainly technical fabrics have their benefits, and I’m happy to have polyester thermal shirts and jackets instead of wax-treated cotton, say. And while Chuck’s trainers certainly served the first basketball players well, and I’m not denigrating them in any way, it’s nice to have engineered shoes versus unstructured canvas shoes. But sometimes I do wonder at the lengths we go.

And I can’t blame my speed on my gear. I am just slow in general, and slowed to walk up snow-laden hills while puffing away. My general turtle-like performance must be due to a combination of my running erratically of late, super-bad jet lag (been traveling the past two weeks in massively different time zones), and also the cold.

So, am I hardcore yet? Um, nope.


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