Urban geology

As I was walking to work on Monday morning, I was (I confess) excited to see road construction work progressing.


Big digger! Want.

It’s spring, and that must mean construction season.

The construction itself is not what excites me, even though I do find big trucks more and more interesting, the older I get. (How come no one ever took me to look at big trucks when I was kid?? Oh yeah, I was a girl. Now I want to drive one!)

The exciting part is the rocks beneath. On my walk to work, I am passing over massive bedrock — the chilled magma from Earth’s interior that underlies the high points in Stockholm. I step over layers of glacial till, flood deposits from rivers and streams, human-made layers of cobblestones and asphalt, all disturbed by tree roots and pipes laid down by water and electricity and phone companies.

A nice slice through that by a digger, and voila! A little geological + human time, exposed in the middle of the road for me to stop and gawk at. Awesome.

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