Red hot, spring green


Check region 8, eastern shore…

Stockholm has been bathed in sunshine the past few days. Today was so warm that the morning paper showed the region in solid red. That’s hot. Hot hot hot.


But it’s not really that hot. It’s few degrees over 20°C, somewhere in the 70s Farenheit. That’s lovely, gorgeous beautiful spring weather, with vibrant green trees — that new leaf green that is so stunningly bright it almost pulsates — under blue skies. The lilacs (syren) are gorgeously smelled patches of purple and white. My allergies are raging.

And Stockholmers (Stockholmarer) are claiming it’s summer. Everyone pulled out their bright colors, shunning the usual costume of black from head to toe. It’s too hot in the sun to be wearing black, you would burn to a crisp.

Everyone is seemingly lying out half naked on any lawn in full sun. If they aren’t prone, they are walking around in shorts and thin t-shirts, or light cotton caftans, summer dresses and short skirts.

Doesn’t matter that the wind is blowing and it’s a little cool — these folks are dressed for the hottest days of mid-August in sweaty, sultry, humid New York City. Makes me wonder what they wear when they visit that fair city.

IMG_20160524_072400I also have to wonder: this year is the hottest so far when it comes to global average temperatures. The map of the world temperatures in Dagens Nyheter this morning  was all red. Hitting the mid-20s C is hot here, and while it looks like summer here in Stockholm, it’s not nearly as hot as, say, Delhi, a deep dark burnt red on this map. Even so, I predict another change of colors sometime soon: IMG_20160524_072407as climate changes, the color codes for highs and lows in Sweden might have to shift too.

However I might be speaking too soon. Tomorrow’s weather? Back to 13°C. And a chance of rain. Normal Stockholm spring weather, once more. Too bad.


A tower of passion flowers in a Stockholm garden over the weekend, with hints of the tulips in bloom at its base.

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