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Boot camp

I usually walk home from work in the dark, somewhere at around 6 pm. One night last week, at the crest of the hill into the valley clearing that’s midway home, I could hear people shouting. As I drew close, the shouts turned to … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning thinking about how I have not been in the mood to write much here on this blog. I started it to record impressions of moving to a new place, to share with family and friends … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I was on the main campus of Stockholm University to pick up some stuff, and I needed a bathroom. I wandered the long corridors that link one of the buildings up there, poking my head around corners … Continue reading

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Fall cleanup

Matt and I have been traveling a lot the past two months, we’ve had visitors off and on, and I started a new job at the beginning of October. Things have been happening. But we’ve been relatively calm and stationary … Continue reading

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As I’ve been reporting in some of my previous posts this year, Sweden is having a stunningly beautiful warm summer. Temperatures in the 20s Celsius, mid-70s Farenheit. I think even one day we hit 80°F (about 27°C). I’ve dug out tank tops … Continue reading

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Fruit in the city

On my run today through our neighborhood and out into the park behind it, I passed ripening cherries on the trees in our courtyard and a whole thicket of raspberries, pale pink for now and soon to be ripened to … Continue reading

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Secrets to a successful IKEA excursion

I think I have discovered the secrets of how to get in and out of IKEA without too much trauma: Timing. Planning ahead. Entering at the exit. Let me explain. Matt and I went to IKEA almost as an afterthought … Continue reading

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