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Elevation change

I had been looking forward to feeling like a superhero on my first run in Sweden. Dropping from a mile high to near sea level after “training” at altitude for months would allow me to run my personal best, or … Continue reading

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Returning (from) home

I was so tired when the plane landed at Arlanda last Friday that I don’t recall feeling much except relief to see the familiar landscape of Sweden in spring, with lush green trees carpeting the ground below. After flight delays, portaging three … Continue reading

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Winter in Summer

June is almost over, Matt pointed out this morning.  He’s thinking of all the things he wanted to get done this month, as July looms and he is supposed to take his three *required* weeks of summer vacation (out of … Continue reading

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Travelistic traipsing

The past month or so, we’ve had out-of-town visitors and gone visiting ourselves — it’s been incredibly fun and distracting (and also tiring!). One of the high points was a daytrip in April with my friend Lizzie to Finnhamn. The Archipelago … Continue reading

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Inviting Comparisons

I’m embarrassed by my blogging absence and how hard I am finding it to get started again after a six-week hiatus, but here I am, after traveling for about five weeks and a week home to get back on my … Continue reading

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A Tourist at Home

Now that we are home from our round-the-world travels, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about maintaining a tourist’s viewpoint. I am trying to preserve that feeling of wonder, and the relaxed feeling of having time to look — at … Continue reading

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Travel advisories, part II (another installment of taking my advice, as I’m not using it)

If you talked to me a few months ago, you might recall my saying something about the flooding in our slightly skanky basement apartment in Brisbane, during the city’s first cyclone/hurricane storm warnings ever.  Or maybe I mentioned the low … Continue reading

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